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As our client you can choose from a range of services besides our ingenious building kits. For instance, you might wish to choose work preparation (CAM), nesting, cutting and bending sheets and profiles, or completion of the delivery of a single component. We can offer the capacity you need at any time when desired. Please find our ‘à la carte services’ below.



Project Management - Our project managers are experienced and highly skilled. They can coordinate projects from conception to commissioning and can manage status, deliveries and financial matters.

Track & Trace - Your unique login code provides access to a web portal, giving you real-time insight on the delivered components per section and showing in which delivery unit they are to be found. 

Service desk - Our service desk staff is available 16 hours per working day, both during and after delivery of your order. They also handle urgent enquiries. 

Engineering - As part of the total package or as a specific order, we translate construction plans into detailed drawings according to the requirements of the classification offices. 

Work preparation and nesting We translate detailed drawings to production units and with smart nesting we make full use of the material, taking your logistic demands into consideration. 

Plate cutting We have fully automated torch cutting machines available to cut sheet material with a thickness from 3 up to 300 mm. A special plotter marks the sheet metal plates with lines and text. 

Tappering and beveling A fully automated bevel robot for tapering from 3 up to 300 mm. The precision with which this state-of-the-art machine bevels and tapers sheet material cannot be equalled by hand.

2D & 3D modelling and shaping Fairing, seams determining butts and fabrication of shell expansions with corresponding templates (3D modelling) of plates and profiles, including the production of high quality 2D and 3D shaped plates. 

Profile cutting and bending Our fully automated profile robot marks lines and text before cutting, for instance, HP-profiles, strip and corner profile. Profiles can be bent into almost any form. 

Sorting This is what makes IHC Metalix steel construction kits unique: parts are sorted and delivered in building sequence, numbered and coded with the relevant (assembly) information.

Just-in-time delivery To support your supply chain our construction kits are sent just-in-time. In the case of overseas transport, building units are containerized to keep the parts together and enable easier logistic control at your yard.

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