30 November 2010

Innovative sorting crane

Press release


Last month IHC Metalix purchased an innovative unique sorting crane. With this semi automatic crane, which has a lifting capacity of 20 ton, is IHC Metalix in the possibility to pick up fast and effectively the cutted parts of the cutting table. These parts are being placed to the prepared pallets and flat containers according the by IHC Metalix developed DU-system (Delivery Unit). By means of the DU’s, the customers of IHC Metalix will be provided with the parts per section, which needed first.

The sorting crane itself has two sections which can be controlled combined or separately and it is provided with 36 magnets. These magnets bring the capability to directly sort the smaller parts as well. The control of the crane takes place with a by IHC Metalix developed software using a wireless handheld, with touch screen.

The first results became visible quickly after start using of the sorting crane: less costs in the sorting process and accelerating a time-consuming part of the total process.

The company shows with this sorting crane again what we stand for:
IHC Metalix, the process innovator

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